Welcome Bonuses – The hidden secrets

Welcome Bonuses – The hidden secrets In a bid to attract more customers into their platforms, a huge chunk of online casino operators have lots of juicy bonuses up for grabs.

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Of the many online casino promos or bonuses, or Sign Up bonus is by far the most popular. This is typically the type of bonus that’s given to new members of the casino before they play their first game.

Welcome Bonuses may come in the form of free playing cash and/or free spins, depending on each casino. Different online casinos are always competing on the basis of who offers the most lucrative bonuses. And this has seen outrageous Welcome Bonuses being dished out by top casino operators in the market.

A Closer Look at the Different Casino Welcome Bonuses

Different casinos have packaged their Welcome Bonuses differently based on the niche markets they are
targeting. While some casinos only offer a one-time Sign Up bonus, others will allow customers to enjoy
Welcome Bonuses up to their fourth consecutive deposit. That said, here is a list of the most popular types or variations of casino Welcome Bonuses.

100 Percent and More Welcome Bonus

100 percent bonus is one of the best offers given by most online casinos out there. With this type of bonus, the player’s initial deposit is doubled up. For instance, if you make an initial deposit of £150, you’ll soon realize that your total account balance is £300. There are casinos that will raise their welcome bonuses as far as up to 300 percent. In this case, if a casino is offering say 250 percent Welcome Bonus and you deposit £100; your account balance will grow to £350. However, most sign up bonuses of above 100 percent often come with lower caps of up to £100. So as a new player or member of an online casino, you may need to carefully read through the T&Cs of such casinos to learn more about the cap, if any.

Match Bonus Offer

Match welcome bonuses are pretty much the same the same as the 100 percent bonuses. The only difference is that with match bonus there’s a certain limit of amount up to which you can receive the bonus. For instance, if a casino offers 100 percent match bonus of up to £100 and as a player you deposit £80, you’ll automatically be rewarded another £80 to spend at your gaming sessions.

Cash Bonus with Free Spins

There are casinos that, in their quest to make their Welcome Bonus offers thrilling, go as far as combining
free cash bonuses with free spins( for video slots). A casino operator may, for instance, offer anew player
£400 free playing money plus 150 Free Spins as a complement. As a new player though, it is important that you read the fine print to know how and where the free spins can be used. Are All Welcome Bonuses Cashable? Absolutely not, there are casinos that offer cashable sign up bonuses while there are others whose welcome bonuses are non-cashable. So what’s the difference between the two? Well, here is close look at each of them.

Cashable Bonus

This is a type of Welcome Bonuses – The hidden secrets that can be withdrawn together with the profit that’s obtained during the game play. Cashable bonuses, however, have wagering requirement in place, where the player is required to wager a number of times. Or to a certain level before making a withdrawal. For instance, if a casino has a wagering requirement of x5 it means the player has to bet or wager with the bonus amount 5 times before it can be withdrawn. A £300 bonus, in this case, would require a player to place £1,500 in bets on slots, tables, etc.

Non-Cashable Bonus

With non-cashable or sticky bonuses, a player can use the Welcome Bonuses – The hidden secrets to place a bet and is allowed to keep all the winnings minus the bonus amount. For example, if you get 100 percent in match bonus, on a £100 deposit, you’ll have £200 in cash to play with. With the above example, should you win by oubling the amount to £400, £100 will be taken away and you can cash out the remaining £300. In the event to wager multiple times and end up with a balance of say £180. You’ll only be eligible to withdraw only £80.

Tips on How to Maximize On Casino Welcome Bonuses

As long as online casinos are still operating, Welcome Bonuses will always be there. So as a new casino gambler, you can maximize your bonus potential by doing the following: